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Bast • Cleon Peterson
Cody Hudson • Date Farmers
David Ellis • Eddie Martinez
Eric White • Evan Hecox
Kelsey Brookes

The Project Room:

"Gas Stations"

JUNE 1 - JULY 7, 2007

Evan Hecox


David Ellis


A Group Exhibition Taking their cues from the worlds of street, skateboard culture, design and fine art Brodeo is a survey of contemporary male artists running the gamut of abstraction, design, figuration and street art as they spin the world around us into an object of perception. As some of the finest of their fields this show exhibits a wide range of sensibilities and approaches to current trends in the Contemporary art and design worlds.

Bast Striking images can be seen throughout the streets of New York City, London, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, and Tokyo. His work leads the viewer to find meaning in the juxtapositions he creates made up of pop culture icons, politicians, cartoon characters, and corporate logos and branding. Bast lives and works in New York City and has shown in "The Ridiculousness Of It All" at New Image Art.
Kelsey Brookes A formally trained scientist who now works as an illustrator and painter. His work combines the iconography of sex, comedy, and animals through his trademark raw style. Brookes' work has been seen in his handmade zines, as part of RVCA's Artist Network Program, and in publications such as Happy, Design is Kinky, and Beautiful Decay. Brookes lives and works in San Diego, California.
The Date Farmers The Date Farmers (Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez) are known around the world for their use of cultural iconography on found and recycled materials. Their paintings, which reference ideas such as Catholicism, jail tattoos, political and social issues, spirituality, gang and low-rider cultures, and Mexican folk art, have been seen at New Image Art in the exhibitions "Nadie Me Quiere" and "Los Muertos", and also at The Luggage Store Gallery (SF), Upper Playground (SF), and Beams Gallery (Tokyo). Lerma and Ramirez are originally from Coachella Valley, California.
David Ellis His work is strongly influenced by music and is known for his organic and colorful "motion paintings". Ellis is one of the founders and forces behind the Barnstormers, a well-known collective who create large-scale collaborative pieces in rural and urban settings. He has shown internationally, most recently as part of the collaborative installation "The Burning House", which was exhibited at New Image Art and Museum Het Domein in Sittard, Netherlands. His work has also been shown in publications such as Visionaire, Tema Celeste, Tokion, and Art In America. Ellis lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
Evan Hecox Artist and graphic designer whose depictions of cityscapes, mundane urban surroundings, and simple icons of everyday living (i.e. mailboxes, telephone wires, and birds) bring beauty and meaning to things typically overlooked in day-to-day living. His trademark style breaks up objects into stylized, graphic shapes and blocks of color. Hecox is a former designer for Girl Skateboards and has exhibited at New Image Art, Monster Children Gallery (Sydney), Museum Het Domein (Sittard, Netherlands), and in the "Beautiful Losers" exhibition.
Cody Hudson Works under the name Struggle Inc., a commercial artist and painter known for his production of clean, multi-dimensional graphics and urban-modernist aesthetic. Hudson also is active in creating public art installations throughout his urban environment. He has shown previously at The Rocket Gallery (Tokyo), The Reed Space (NYC), The Lazy Dog (Paris), and Bucket and Rider Gallery (Chicago), and his work has been seen in Arkitip, idN, and Scrawl 2. Hudson lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.
Eddie Martinez Artist and independent curator. His work references Cubism and Abstraction, and depicts bright and somewhat chaotic scenes of human life, overpopulated and oversaturated by ideas and visual elements. Martinez curated "The Russian Doll Show", which traveled nationally, and has shown at his work at New Image Art, Galleri Loyal (Stockholm), ZeiherSmith (NYC), Deitch Projects (NYC), and Blum & Poe (LA), and has also been seen in publications such as Tokion, ArtReview, XLR8R, and Loyal Magazine. Martinez lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
Eric White His work references imagination, dreams, and alternate dimensions through multiple-exposure photography, found imagery, and different planes of focus within each piece. His work blurs the line between multi- and one-dimensional artwork. White creates complex, beautiful and, at the same time, disturbing visual realities which cause the viewer to question their own perception. The images are cold and emotionless, but still intriguing. He has shown previously at New Image Art, La Luz de Jesus Gallery (LA), and Earl McGrath Gallery (NYC).
Cleon Peterson Graphic artist and painter, he is the art director of Swindle Magazine and has previously shown at New Image Art in 2005 with Shepard Fairey and Blk/Mrkt, he also designed the catalogues for The Burning House (Swoon, Faile, and David Ellis) and Ari Marcopoulos. Cleon lives and works in Los Angeles.
Skullphone Returns to New Image with his surreal style in a more serious and formal tone in an exhibition of his newest and poignant series of images. Defiantly American Skullphone captures the new west in old west style, depicting his own brand of Black Gold being pumped into the skyline of the Los Angeles horizon. Skullphone's crisp depiction of the lone gas station makes us wonder what are we doing to save ourselves before it is too late. We ponder global warming and once again Skullphone points back at us indicating our own demise, and making one undergo feelings of isolation while questioning our global environment.

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