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"Memory Is A Vacuum"


OPENING APRIL 21, 2007 > 7-10 PM

April 21 - May 26, 2007

Sean Cassidy

photo by George Tapia / BLKHRTMDR


Sean Cassidy is an artist that lives and works in Los Angeles.

A work of fissures and filaments that connect, mirror and recipricate in a kind of amiable rigidity yet also it freely subtracts and retracts itself depending on the viewer's inquiry. For in this density of meta-geologic scrapings and smoothings lie the cast and mold of a warm author, as well the viewer's in that, from within the tight spaces of this system the view extends as far as curiosity can aim; the further outward becomes proportionately further inward. Ask of it decadence or amelioration, the burgeoning terrain of Cassidy's can provide. Observe the flora of wooden monuments and satellites, the floating shards of antique gas split by the nonexistent sound of lightning. Observe in a liquified atmosphere a moving object stopped then multiplied by folds and restarted. Observe. The work is seismic at will, powered by volcanic tenets that stress and shape science and measurability into new formations of logic.
Sean Cassidy grew up in a small mountain town two hours north of Los Angeles. His work has been described as a marriage of science to the social and artistic. Cassidy began drawing at an early age and has been largely influenced by skateboarding, independent books, music, and the D.I.Y. spirit of individualism and expression. Sean currently lives and works in Los Angeles.
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OPENING MAY 11, 2007

Museum Het Domein
Sittard, Netherlands
guest room

"The Burning House"

Faile, Swoon and David Ellis

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