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Mutts & Mongrels Dirty Blood Heritage Society


Rotgut art installation featuring a video collaboration
with Rose Del Carmen Herrera

@ New Image on 1005 N Fairfax

June 11 - July 16, 2005





Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Rotgut comes to New Image for his first solo show. Peripherally involved with the burgeoning (hemorrhaging) street art scene, Rotgut has gotten attention for using chains and bolts to attach big, ugly pieces of metal and wood to public fixtures in New York. In MUTTS & MONGRELS DIRTY BLOOD HERITAGE SOCIETY, Rotgut transforms the gallery into a bizarre combination of a union meeting hall and a greyhound race track with effigies of historical figures hanging from the ceiling and a motorcycle arcade game facsimile going bonkers.  It'll be out of this world. 

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: : in the Project space : :

Some Of My Best Friends Are American

A group show curated by Rotgut (Providence Eagle Scout)

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Eat Metal

Alex Lukas

Featured Artists: Rich Jacobs (California ex-pat) Jordin Isip (Jordin is from Queens, where they'll beat you up and take your jeans) Matt Leines (New Jersey football legend) Alex Lukas (Massachussetts liberal) A J Fosik (Went to the same Michigan high school as Iggy Pop ) and Rotgut's little brother, EAT METAL (avoid the risdoid)
This show epitomizes the melting pot of America.
musical guests:
Barr, Bad Waste and Most Mess



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Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 1pm - 6pm or by appointment

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