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"The Wall"

Herbert Baglione

The Project Room:
Judith Supine

JULY 13 - AUGUST 19, 2007

Herbert Baglione


New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles is proud to present Sao Paulo based, Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione in his new exhibition titled “The Wall.” Baglione has been recognized for over ten years as part of Brazil’s street artist’s movement along with Os Gemeos, Speto and Vitche whom have all had a large influence on street art here in the United States. Baglione’s strong, distinctive style and complex themes visible in his illustrations, paintings, and street endeavors have earned international acclaim in the design and art world alike.

Herbert Baglione is renowned for his strong simplistic street murals that are reminiscent of Southwest Pueblo cave drawings morphed with extraterrestrial images brilliantly placed on rooftops and street surfaces, only visible in their entirety from an aerial view. His images are of the obese and the painfully anorexic – extremes of human shapes elongated and rounded for the ultimate simplistic, dramatic iconic human symbols. Thus illustrating his interest in human imperfection and extremes.

Baglione’s art is constantly growing and changing via strong aesthetics and visual language though his figurative subjects remain constant. Baglione relies heavily on a monotone palette of black, white and golden hues. At times Baglione’s work has had a strong minimalist and simplistic bent while relying on his elaborate calligraphic language and definite style somewhere between the Art Nouveau images of Audrey Beardsley and the eerie, mystical, and whimsical language of the “children’s” illustrator Richard Scarey.

For his solo show, titled "The Wall”, at New Image Art, Baglione will test the audience to ponder the walls inside contemporary society and to think about their own internal walls that may lead to stagnation in life. “The Wall” is a continuation of Herbert’s vision of his highly successful solo show “Vossia” at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco in 2006. This show centered on Herbert's vision of man's consciousness, power and Chaos.

Baglione prepares his shows with a deep narrative in each painting. In appropriate fashion, Herbert said, "An artist who stimulates the spectator's pleasure and desire to research his production is most important. Being just aesthetically beautiful is not enough."

Herbert was a featured artist in “The Run Up”, a film by Upper Playground and exhibited at Fifty24SF, Galerie de Pury & Luxembourg, Zurich, Q! Gallery in Glasgow, and the Von Der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal, Germany among others.

Project Room: Judith Supine
Judith Supine is a 29-year-old artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Supine could not speak until a month after his seventeenth birthday. He could not physically articulate words, he could only squeak and grunt. Supine often drew pictures to communicate with his family. His mom saved all of his pictures, just one of many reasons of why his mom is great.

Judith Supine uses materials that are free or at least real cheap. He uses an exacto-knife, glue sticks, cheap ugly paints and real sleazy magazines that make him sexually uncomfortable. Judith Supine gets his magazines out of people’s trash, from the public library, from the dentist’s offices, from his little sister’s magazine collection, from bankrupt porn shops.

His work has been exhibited in at the Leonard Street Gallery in London, he also took part in the 11 Spring Spring St. show, curated by Wooster Collective, ABC no Rio Gallery in NYC, and has been talked and blogged about in a profuse number of street art & culture publications such as: The Village Voice, Wooster Collective, Animal New York, Visualresistance, A Brooklyn Life, Art of the State Blog, Tiki Chris (Juxtapose Magazine), Feedmecoolshit, Sidewalkpressed, just to name a few.

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